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DevsterC's gameplay for Project Sylpheed (X360)

DevsterC played Project Sylpheed

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DevsterC said...
  • frustrated
Madden went better than last time - though my offense is still the pits. Indy vs. San Diego; best play of the game was an early punt I made to the 1 yard line... Schooner2000 didn't move his guy out of the way fast enough for it to bobble into the endzone for a touchback so he caught the ball at the 1 and was flattened at the 2. That led to a Safety, which gave me a commanding 2-0 lead. After the lead changed, I was able to recover and get a TD with a tight corner toss - I had to go for two if I wanted to make it 10-7, but I failed, keeping it a tight 8-7 score going into the half. However, I kept the lead the rest of the game and ended up winning.

Of course, the game froze on the highlights screen (again), playing my opponents meaningless touchdown over and over and never getting to the proper game end screen. Frustrating - where's the patch??
Project Sylpheed

Project Sylpheed (X360)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Space Combat Simulation
Release Date: 10/JUL/07
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