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DevsterC's gameplay for Puzzle Quest: Chapter 1 (IPHONE)

DevsterC played Puzzle Quest: Chapter 1

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DevsterC said...
  • excited
Huzzah! The two headed ogre has fallen! I finally messed about with my spells and realized there was one in there (Throw Daggers) that did 1 point of damage for every bit of gold on the board. When used against the big fella, this had two benefits: 1) it usually did a good bit of damage, and 2) it also cleared gold off the board. When he matched gold, he was getting an extra turn due to the mysterious powers of the 2nd ogre head. That, coupled with his "20% chance of doing an additional 12 damage" club meant I was getting fewer chances to hurt him and was often getting whomped. Now I can get back to the main quest. Hopefully I won't have so much trouble with any of the future bosses...
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